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Instructional Innovation and Curriculum Development

  • Chair and Co-Chair

Chair: Utah State University, United States

 Co-chaired: Ain Shams University

  • Role of the pillar 

The role of the Instructional Innovation and Curriculum Development Pillar is to make water engineering education in Egypt mainly at the EPUs more relevant to the needs of industry, government, and Egyptian society.  

  • Activities of the pillar 

The pillar supports improvement in:

  1. Teaching, learning, and student performance evaluation techniques
  2. The relevance and quality of both individual classes and degree/certificate programs
  3. The processes of evaluation, accreditation, and oversight of degree programs
  4. Training of Egyptian faculty to be self-sufficient in developing cutting edge water curriculum and teaching modules.
  • How the pillar serves the community 
  • Undergraduate and master(s) programs are to be developed/modified to strengthen the water dimension in the existing Civil Engineering BSc and MSc programs at the five EPUs.

Undergraduate Water Engineering Program

A list of 17 courses are to be reviewed/ developed. It is worth noting that in the “Undergraduate Calls for Curriculum Development” course development teams are encouraged to focus on innovative modes of teaching of applied/practical education, rather than the classical theoretical education.

Post Graduate Program in Sustainable Water Management Courses

  • Core Courses
  • 4 Concentration Areas:
  1. Sustainable Water Resources Management
  2. System Thinking for Sustainable Development
  3. Introduction to Sustainable Systems Design
  4. Water Policy, Security and Governance
  • Four professional certifications are to be developed to build and enhance critical professional skills of graduates and/or ministry’s engineers in water treatment and desalination, irrigation efficiency, and solar-powered pumping.
  • Nine modules are to be developed to prepare students for professional careers and build their connection to the Egyptian professional water network.  
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