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  • Chair and Co-Chair

Chair: Washington State University

Co-chair: Alexandria University

  • Role of the pillar 

Establish the governance structure of the Center of Excellence for Water that would enable the Center to create collaboration and accountability among partners and stakeholders, supports linkages between supply and demand for water research, policy engagement and skilled graduates, and generates revenue to remain financially stable for multiple decades.

  • Activities of the pillar 

Establishing and maintaining the Centre of Excellence for Water governance structure through developing a set of governance and guiding documents and establishing strategic partnerships. This set of documents will include a 5-year Strategic Plan that incorporates fundraising strategies and provides forward-looking vision, guidance, and milestones for the Centre’s accountability and annual implementation plans. The governance pillar will work on signing the needed Agreements and MoUs between institutional partners that clearly defines roles and responsibilities.

  • How does the pillar serve the Community 

The strong involvement of the industry/private sector in the governance of the COE will strengthen the capacities of partner Egyptian Universities and achieve the linkage between academia and the market in education and applied research in the water sector. The Centre of Excellence for Water is committed to serve the needs of the Egyptian people and economy and support the government to face water challenges.

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